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Featured Real Estate Companies Adverts

Market your Real Estate company by featuring your company logo on the Kenya Property Centre homepage.
When your logo is clicked by a site visitor, it will load your company page on Kenya Property Centre.

What estate agents had to say...

Firstly, it makes our company stands out amongst others.

Secondly, it improved our company rating. For instance, I was invited for a real estate seminar in January this year, and in the course of the seminar, the first speaker displayed the 3 featured companies on Kenya Property Centre front page as the top players as far as real estate business is concerned in Kenya.

Thirdly, it improved recognition/promotion. A client of ours called three days ago to inform us that he saw us as one of the featured estate agents on Kenya Property Centre.

Bluehedge Realtors Real Estate Consultants

Bluehedge Realtors signed up for 12 months after the trial as a result of the value of the service to their business.


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